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Our Vision

To see a Community of healthy churches minister to the needs of people in order to produce strong Christian disciples.

Our Purpose

To seek the non-Christians of the community and lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and to seek the un-churched Christians and restore them to fellowship with a body of believers.

Our Mission

To evangelize the community which means to take the Word of God to them because they may never have the desire to enter into a place of worship. Seeking, Serving and Sharing will be our driving force during this portion of our mission.
Goals Here are a few of our church’s goals: 1. Evangelize: Reaching in to our members and reaching out to our community. 2. Disciple: Train Christians to live holy before God and man. 3. Serve: Each disciple of Christ has a ministry gift. Our goal is to help you identify your gift and learn to use it. 4. Giving: Many people are offended when you mention giving or tithing, but it is a command of God that was endorsed by Christ. 5. Worship: We really can’t begin to worship in truth and in Spirit until we have completed the first 4 steps. Worship begins with prayer and ends in praise!

Spiritual Minded

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